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Cable Conduits

Interflex, Spain is one of the leading conduit systems that can be found all over the world. The innovative design offers customers, a range of cable protection systems.

The products are designed to with stand water ingress, corrosion resistance and are RoHS compliant.

The products conform to the international standards namely UL, DIN, The polyamide cable conduits come in sizes ranging from 07 mm to 96 mm in diameter and are available in gray and black colour.

The connectors for the above conduits are available with PG threads, metric threads and NPT threads. The different type of connectors available are straight, 90 degree elbow, 90 degree curved elbow, 45 degree elbow, flange type etc.

A wide range of supports and accessories help in the ease of installation.
Conduits are also available in the following types:
Products - Interflex - Cable Trays
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Cable Trays

Interflex manufactures Multivia cable tray range which consists of Viafil wire mesh tray system and Viatec sheet steel tray system.

Viafil tray system is formed of electro welded wire mesh cable trays complemented by a wide range of accessories. The main advantages are its big wide open surface, its light weight and high versatility.

Due to its morphology, these trays can be cut and bent to shape and assembled according to the installation needs, thus adding flexibility to overcome any unexpected change during the assembly.

Viatec tray system is composed of sheet cable trays and a vast range of accessories to adapt the assembly to different installation needs. The clever coupling system decreases the assembly time and provides a safe and sturdy connection. These trays are available in perforated and solid bottom versions